A Little Bit About DriskoMedia 


DriskoMedia was founded in 2015 as a way to give small businesses something they couldn't get anywhere else: the prowess of a big agency but for a cost that was actually affordable. We do that by focusing on social media and digital advertising and keeping our focus on results. 


Meet the Team
  • Brian Shaw

    Content Creator

    I'm a multi-disciplined creative hailing from the wilds of suburban Somers, Connecticut, and currently residing in Austin, Texas.


    No matter the project, I aim to answer the muse's (and client's) call with zeal, craftsmanship, and ingenuity.


    Copywriting? Graphic design? Video production? 3D? Check, check, check, and check. Check to the fourth power.


    When I'm not plugged in, I'm working on that work-life balance while asking one simple question: "Where can we go next?"

  • Carlos Courtney

    Advertising Specialist

    Hello, I'm Carlos. I'm a digital advertising specialist from Phoenix, AZ. My primary focus is on Facebook and Google ads, which I believe is where the most amount of underpriced attention is currently located.


    I have a background and degree in microbiology from ASU. Because of this, I treat digital advertising as something of a mix of science and art. Not all math and numbers and not all creative and art, but a balance between the two.


    I focus on driving high-impact results for each of our clients by disseminating content and other lines of communication trough paid social to bring attention to your brand and monetizing that attention with high-quality leads and sales.

  • Zack Drisko

    Founder & Account Manager

    Hey, I'm Zack. I love my work, my wife and daughter, my dogs, and the New York Mets. They bring joy to my life, except that last one, which is actually slowly killing me. 


    I decided to start this agency when I looked at what small businesses had to choose from. I realized that we could give them something better. 

    That's a photo of me thinking about something really deep and important -- or maybe I've just seen one too many Mets games. You decide. 

  • Rachel Ramirez

    Content Creator

    Hi, I’m Rachel. I’m a music and technology enthusiast currently based in New York City.

    I’ve always been extremely interested in building online communities through social media. I am visually inclined and love telling unique stories through images. 

    When I am not helping you grow your business, you can often find me at a concert, reading a good book, or checking out a trendy, ‘Instagramable' restaurant.

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