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Tower Paddle Boards

Doubled ROI of Facebook ads and grew email list for free

WHO: Tower Paddleboards is a Mark Cuban Shark Tank business. It’s always been a dream to work with a Shark Tank company, so this was a blast. 
WHAT: We were brought on to run their social media and Facebook ads. In six months, we doubled the return on ad spend of their Facebook ads and used Facebook ads to grow their email list at an insanely low cost.
HOW: We dug into their past sales data and developed a profile for "high season" (summer months) and "low season" (colder months), which meant they could sell just as profitably all year-round. Also, revamped the creative strategy to include longer form, informational video content closer to the point of purchase to overcome objections and make owning a paddle board feel real to the prospect. Lastly, ran monthly giveaways that included a promo code to everyone who didn't win, and the sales from those campaigns essentially paid for the cost of acquiring all those email addresses.

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