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Tire Stickers

Skyrocketing sales with return on investment beating 10X, 20X, sometimes 50X on ad campaigns 

WHO: Tire Stickers makes decals for your tires. They have licenses with big manufacturers like Michelin, Goodyear, etc., and they also make custom decals that say whatever you want.
WHAT: In running social media, pay-per-click ads, and e-mail marketing, we've created a machine that consistently drove sales through the roof week after week after week.
HOW: We're very proud of our work with Tire Stickers because it combines some creative positioning with ruthlessly analytical strategy.
If that sounds like a bunch of technical mumbo-jumbo, the answer is this: We used our hearts and our brains to deliver campaigns that did 5X, 10X, 20X, and sometimes even 50X return on investment. That’s the sort of thing that helps you spring out of bed each morning.
We did it by making the customers the heroes of our social media content, connecting with the car guy crowd, and by being ruthlessly analytics with our ad campaigns to constantly drive down our cost per conversion. 

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