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Q. Who are you and
how can you help me? 

A. Oh hi, we're DriskoMedia. We use our brains, the internet, and a weird thing called social media to make your business more loved and more profitable. We do it by being different than the other guys. Here's what we mean:   

 Turn heads. Don't blend in. 

Too often companies and agencies market to be like everyone, and they don’t get very much done. Our goal is to find out what makes you different and build a story around that.

 Talk to. Not at. 

Most brands see social media as a way to announce things. That’s only part of it. The real benefit becomes when you use it to create a dialogue with folks and build a community. Want to know the greatest sales force in the world? Your fans. They’ll tell all their friends how much they love you, and they don’t even want a commission for it.

 Be people with a story. Not a "brand" with a "message." 

Be human. Have soul. Show people who you are and what you believe. People respond to businesses with personality. They don’t connect with overly formal, distant, jargon-filled mission statements. We can guide your communication so it’s authentic and connects with people. That's what gets the phone ringing/the inboxes filled up/the website full of traffic. 

Q. OK, I'm with you so far.
But do you have results? 

A. Do we ever. Record-breaking sales, record-breaking traffic, record-breaking profits. Download our case studies doc to peruse and share with colleagues.  

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